Highlights Kindness Bingo Card

Using The Cards at Home:

To use the cards at home with your family, simply download the appropriate card and challenge your family to play – and win – at being kind!  Share your act of kindness on social media with the hashtag #HighlightsActsofKindness.  Help us reach 10,000 acts of Kindness in 2020!


Creating an In-Store Event:

Create an in-store event with our Kindness bingo cards. Read Kindness Counts 123 or ABCs of Kindness during story time and download (at the link below) and hand-out the bingo cards to entertain and challenge kids to perform acts of kindness. The cards are designed for ages preschooler to 8+ and challenge kids to play—and win—at being kind!


Each card asks kids to perform the acts of kindness listed on the board. They’re encouraged to share their acts with family and friends, plus their parents can share the acts on social media with the hashtag #HighlightsActsofKindness.